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Third Graders Defend Themselves Against the Sharks!

Third Graders Defend Themselves Against the Sharks!

Central School third graders had an opportunity to participate in the school's annual "shark tank" event last week.

Four groups, each consisting of four to five students, had a chance to pitch an invention to three judges or "sharks."

One group had a device called “The Buddy Robot,” which was a tablet-like device that would tell a person where items were located in a store, saving time when shopping.

Another group designed a weather hat which would change colors to inform a person of the weather when worn.

The third group designed a utensil that consisted of a fork on one side and a pizza cutter on the other side, specifically designed to cut up long noodles when eating pasta.

The final group, “The Clean Team,” designed a multi-use cleaning tool that allows a person to dust, vacuum, mop and clean up messes.

Two of the groups even created commercials for their products.

The judges asked the students some very intelligent and tough questions, but the students were prepared and had answers for all of them. 

All of the students involved worked hard on their products and their presentations!

Great job, Central School inventors! 

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