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Growing Lettuce in a Bag

Growing Lettuce in a Bag

Central Elementary School second graders celebrated Earth Day this past week with a visit from the Des Plaines Garden Club. 

Garden Club volunteers brought supplies for the second graders to grow lettuce in a plastic bag.

First the students were asked to write their name, the date and what they were growing on a bag. 

They were then given a "jiffy" pod, or soil, to put in the bag. 

After watering the pod, they took lettuce seeds and pushed them lightly into the moistened soil.

The students were told to place the bag in a sunny window and to keep an eye on it daily, watering as needed to keep it moist. 

In a few weeks the students will have grown their own lettuce in a bag! 

Thank you to the Des Plaines Garden Club for spending time with our second graders this week! 


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